Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave began his martial arts journey at age seven in Tulsa Oklahoma with Grandmaster Lou Angel. Now many years later as a professional full time martial arts teacher and director of two international associations (World Jeet Kune Do Federation; Bruce Lee Style, and World Kempo Association; Kempo meaning Fist Law) he now holds seven black belts in all. 

In 1992 Hargrave founded the martial art style known as American Combat Kempo (Has also bee referred to as Combat Martial Arts in reference to the name of Hargrave’s first school). American Combat Kempo has been formally recognized as a system through numerous organizations worldwide, and many of its techniques were copied for US Marines training center program. Hargrave is known as Soke or founder of ACK and has the tile of Grandmaster. He is also Grandmaster in two other styles, Kung Fu and Ju Jitsu.

Carter Hargrave has had several martial arts schools each with a different operational philosophy. “When you have a huge school with a huge overhead you pretty much have to accept anyone who comes in the door as a student and I did not like that at all. Sure I turned down some of the obviously crazy, but it was just not what I wanted to do things.”

“Now I have a private school that is not open to the public and you have to apply to get in just like at a major university. This way everyone who comes through the door has a serious desire to better themselves and want to put in the effort, therefore I too give them my all.”

Carter Hargrave is also the president of the World Jeet Kune Do Federation the official website of Jeet Kune Do.

Carter Hargrave American Grandmaster

Expert Instructor in ultimate Jeet Kune Do and Kempo Karate. Supreme excellence in self defense.